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Easiest time clock that any of our operators have used! Training new operators on the system takes little or no time thanks to its streamlined interface!

Steven Merino, Head of IT, Orbel

SYSPRO users: If you want a simple, trouble-free, proven warehouse management solution designed specifically for operators on the warehouse floor, use riteSCAN! It’s easy to use and implement; increases inventory accuracy; improves Lot tracking; efficiently captures inventory movements with mobile devices, and seamlessly feeds the data to SYSPRO in real time.

Wendell Mueller, SYSPRO Consultant

Many companies advertise their products as simple to implement and use, but riteSOFT really lives up to its promise. Implementing riteSCAN was a delight from start to finish. riteSCAN truly is simple, fast, and efficient. It helps prevent errors and sets our operators up for success. During our first two weeks of using riteSCAN, we experienced zero sales order picking errors!

Taylor Wylie, Materials Supervisor, Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing

The simplicity of riteSCAN made training and implementation in our warehouse and shop floor a breeze. The ease of set-up and use is why riteSCAN has become a global standard across multiple TouchPoint companies. Thanks, riteSOFT, for focusing your product design with end-users in mind.

Brice Salle, VP of IT, TouchPoint

I have seen all the other bar code options out there, and I just have to say:  Thank you for all the effort in keeping the setup and user experience simple and easy to use. This is one huge selling point over all other systems available for SYSPRO.

Dave Mowrey, PIM Group

With riteTIME, we have saved countless hours by making each employee accountable for the hours they have worked.

Preco, Inc.

Experience the riteSOFT difference

Smart, simple, seamless solutions that implement in a snap with responsive, team-based support

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