Why a Time Tracking Solution is right for your business now

You have probably heard the term time tracking thrown around, but what is it really? When is time tracking needed? Are you hitting roadblocks or struggling to reach that next level of efficiency to compete more effectively? Time tracking software can capture time spent on jobs or project tasks in real time—both on-site and off-site. In today’s new world of increased remote work, this may be exactly what you need. Keep reading to see why a time tracking solution might be right for your business today.

Why a Time Tracking Solution is right for your business now

Keeps employees on track

Is improved efficiency one of your key performance goals for your employees who work on-site or off-site? Employees will be more inclined to remain on task when they are ‘on the clock’ tracking time for a given job or task. Often, a lack of productivity is not due to an employee slacking or taking too many breaks. Rather, it can be that they do not recognize the significance of how much time is spent on a job, or they simply do not know what needs to be done outside of their direct line of sight. Time tracking can allow your employees to take a deeper look into their actual daily output to help them excel in their roles.

You’re struggling to hit that ‘Next Level’

Are you attempting to scale your business to no avail? Often, when you feel stuck, it is a sign that something needs to change. You cannot continue to do the same thing, and expect to yield different results! Improved accuracy and increased insights could be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

Your pricing model is built on output

Sometimes, minor discrepancies in pricing and output won’t make or break your business. But often, especially in manufacturing, every minute counts. You need real-time data to compare against your job standards to competitively price your product. Without a clear understanding of how long production actually takes, it can be easy to fall back on outdated ‘job standards’, and result in a loss of revenue. Time tracking can help you quit the guessing game and be confident that your pricing model is right for your business.

Gain instant insight to job status

While it is important to check in on jobs and monitor their status, this often means taking a walk through the shop floor or driving to a job site. With time tracking, you can see the status of any number of jobs from your handheld device or computer. You can compare and monitor progress, determine top performers, and more without needing to physically monitor your employees.

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