Top 3 Benefits of Implementing Time-Tracking Software for Real-time Monitoring of Warehouse and Shop Floor Activities

Top 3 Benefits of Implementing Time-Tracking Software for Real-time Monitoring of Warehouse and Shop Floor Activities



Real-time monitoring of warehouse activities is crucial for ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity in the fast-paced world of manufacturing and warehouse management. One of the most effective tools for real-time monitoring is time-tracking software, which can provide valuable insights into various aspects of warehouse operations.

By implementing time-tracking software, warehouse managers can gain greater visibility into their operations, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and make informed decisions to optimize workflows and reduce costs.

Some of those KPIs can be used to track various aspects of warehouse operations, such as picking times, receiving times, and production times. For example, a KPI such as “average time to pick an order” can be tracked using time-tracking software. By monitoring this metric, managers can identify areas for improvement and make changes to streamline operations and reduce picking times.

By using KPIs in conjunction with time-tracking software, warehouse managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations and identify areas for improvement. They can also set benchmarks for performance and monitor progress toward specific goals. Overall, KPIs and automatic time tracking are essential tools for improving warehouse efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

As discussed below, implementing warehouse inventory management systems and time-tracking software is the first step toward measuring those KPIs and reaching your goals. If you’re interested in inventory management systems, contact us to learn how riteSOFT’s time-tracking software can improve your warehouse operations.

1. Identifying Bottlenecks, Inefficiencies, and Areas of Improvement

For context, managers and team members use real-time tracking software to record hours worked for payroll, plus time spent on specific manufacturing and warehouse tasks. Production lapses, increased scrap, and reduced efficiency are key negative consequences of warehousing and manufacturing bottlenecks caused by an understaffed or improperly trained team.

Orders cannot be completed, and customers must wait when order processing teams cannot access inventory information or trust its accuracy. Bottlenecks are a significant source of broken links in warehouse processes. As a result, more downtime not only frustrates managers and warehouse floor team members but reduces their job satisfaction. With today’s labor supply gap, it is crucial to retain existing staff.

Unaddressed bottlenecks can result in lower sales and reduced profits and negatively impact customer satisfaction. Time-tracking software provides real-time data on how long it takes team members to complete specific warehouse and shop floor tasks. Management can use the data collected to identify inefficiencies and make the necessary improvements.

2. Timekeeping and Attendance Tracking

Boost Your Productivity with timekeeping and attendance tracking

Top-rated time-tracking systems provide useful automation features and integrate with your payroll service to assist warehouse managers in managing PTO, tracking, and reporting employee hours.

This core functionality records hours worked–down to the minute in real-time. The data is then used to calculate payroll accurately, manage attendance, and monitor labor costs.

It streamlines payroll processing by automating numerous administrative tasks, effectively eliminating manual time entries and related human errors. A few features every real-time time-tracking software should have to ensure warehouse leaders reap all these benefits include:

  • Full integration with existing HR systems for accurate reporting on employee attendance, hours worked, overtime, holiday pay, payroll, etc.
  • Employee performance dashboards to measure, monitor, and manage team members’ performance.
  • Streamlined functionality for employees to request time off, view hours worked, see task assignments and more.
  • Production supervisor dashboards for scheduling, assigning, and tracking jobs in progress.
  • Automate scheduling where warehouse teams can view assigned working hours and notify team leaders of any scheduling changes.
  • Notifications and alerts to send a reminder when team members fail to check in or out. Managers can also be informed when teams need to catch up on schedule.
  • Track and report hours and minutes spent on specific customer orders or jobs.

It may not be necessary to have all these features; all you need is a system that is a valuable asset to your operation. Provided your time-tracking software can integrate with existing systems, you have a winner to help you keep tabs on everything.

3. Manage Warehouse Production Activities

Benefits of Time-Tracking Software - Logistics, delivery and online order tracking concept

Managing a warehouse takes substantial work and effort. Warehouse inventory management systems and time-tracking software can simplify the job. However, while time tracking is used on the warehouse floor to monitor various activities, including receiving and shipping, a lot more time tracking is done on the shop floor where products are produced.

For example, in a manufacturing setting, the shop floor may be set up in work centers such as cutting, welding, and painting, and operators track their time on a task for a specific job. This information is then used to determine how long it takes to complete each task and identify opportunities for improvement.

By tracking time on the shop floor, managers can improve productivity, reduce waste, and ensure that the delivery of products to customers is on time.

Time-tracking software is an essential tool for managing warehouse and production activities. It helps managers to optimize workflow, maintain sight of the entire supply chain, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. By identifying areas for improvement, managers can make changes that result in significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Increase Productivity and Streamline Time Capture With riteSOFT Time-Tracking Software

You have more important things to do other than entering manual timesheets for payroll, correcting errors, and walking around to see what’s happening on your shop floor. Our time-tracking software helps optimize how operators track their time for attendance and time spent on specific jobs or tasks. It reduces manual data entry errors, streamlines timecard approvals, and gives supervisors real-time visibility into the status of specific jobs or orders.

By implementing our warehouse inventory management and time tracking systems, manufacturers can effortlessly manage warehouse activities, optimize staff efficiency, and ultimately boost their bottom line. Contact us today if you’re looking for time-tracking software that puts your managers and team members in control.

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