Warehouse, Inventory, & Manufacturing Functions

Your goal?   

Increased efficiency and tighter accuracy.  Let’s face it.  Even if your company offers fantastic products, you cannot compete in today’s global market if you lack accurate inventory data and suffer from poor operational efficiency.  And, it is nearly impossible to streamline your supply chain if inventory data is not captured in real time.

The solution

Streamline and automate your processes with riteSCAN®—the lite warehouse management solution for SYSPRO™.  riteSCAN supports everything from inventory transfers and queries to purchase order receipts, sales order picking, issuing materials to jobs, and pallet tracking—all in real time.

Why riteSCAN

riteSCAN is smart, simple, and seamless.  It is designed with your goals in mind using smart functions to support your warehouse management, manufacturing management, and inventory functions.  Better yet, riteSCAN implements in a snap without the headaches of complex warehouse management systems. Users love its simplicity and reliability.

Smart functions for the way you do business

Warehouse Management Functions

Tired of inefficient receiving processes, lost items, or data entry errors and lag time?  Automate your warehouse with riteSCAN Mobile Warehouse for SYSPRO.  riteSCAN automates inventory physical counts, purchase order receiving, job issues, inventory movements, sales order picking, and more right where the transaction occurs—on the warehouse floor.  Specific riteSCAN warehouse and order functions include:

Inventory Management Functions

Inventory errors giving you a headache?  riteSCAN is the best medicine.   With riteSCAN, you can improve your inventory management efficiency with simple, easy-to-use functions including:

Want to prevent inventory errors?  Of course you do. Inventory errors waste time, cost money, and erode your customer satisfaction.  Not only that, they bloat your inventory levels and tie up capital that could be used to grow your business.  riteSCAN helps prevent inventory errors before they occur with data validation features.  Your inventory accuracy will improve with riteSCAN because you can set up data validation rules, collect only the data you require, and restrict operator tasks.

Manufacturing Management Functions

Need help keeping track of inventory items during the manufacturing process?  riteSCAN offers smart functions to streamline the movement of raw materials and items as they move through your manufacturing operation.

Tight integration to SYSPRO™

riteSCAN is tightly integrated with SYSPRO using their e.net business objects. This helps ensure ongoing, uninterrupted SYSPRO compatibility.  Learn more

Customization via Plugins

riteSCAN offers the best of both worlds.  It works “rite” out of the box, but can easily be customized to fit your processes via Plugins.

Smart Scans

Automatically populate multiple data fields with a single, smart scan.  With the Smart Scan function, your  workers on the warehouse or shop floor can scan a single barcode that contains more than one piece of information (e.g. Stock Code, Lot #, Quantity, Purchase Order #, etc.).  This will immediately fill in the associated fields in riteSCAN with one scan.  Now that’s efficient!   Learn more.

The bottom line

riteSCAN can help prevent errors, streamline your operations, and reduce manual processes—which allows you to compete more effectively.

Your inventory accuracy will improve with riteSCAN because your team will have up-to-the minute access to inventory data.  Eliminate lag time due to manual data entry.  Collect required data in real time when and where it happens—in your warehouse or on your shop floor.  With riteSCAN you can set up data validation rules and restrict operator tasks.  This ultimately helps prevent transaction errors and gives your team immediate access to inventory data for manufacturing and to fill customer orders faster.  riteSCAN customers often achieve return on their investment within 12 months.

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