Get data in real time with seamless integration


You need information fast. riteSCAN seamlessly integrates to SYSPRO™ using SYSPRO business objects to provide you with seamless integration and up-to-the minute inventory data.

With riteSCAN, you no longer have to wait for inventory data to be manually entered into SYSPRO by front office staff.  When your warehouse workers perform transactions, data instantly flows from riteSCAN to SYSPRO using technology—all with a simple bar code scan.  The result?  Efficient, accurate inventory data available in real time.

riteSCAN provides:

  • Up-to-date architecture in a commercially packaged solution that works “rite” out of the box, but can easily be customized with Plugins
  • Tight integration with business objects which creates product stability
  • Real-time data access
  • Uninterrupted SYSPRO compatibility
  • No SYSPRO V7 conversion issues


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