What’s on your Pallet?  Wonder no longer. 

Imagine if you could rapidly group, manage, and move mixed inventory items or materials on a single pallet. Now you can.

With the new riteSCAN Pallet Tracking Module, you can:

  • Group mixed items on one pallet—even items that you can’t group in SYSPRO today—and transfer them to another warehouse or to your shop floor in a single scan.
  • Accurately track mixed items by pallet.
  • Quickly find and track a pallet of mixed materials issued to a job.
  • Do purchase order receipts by pallet.
  • Efficiently stage pallets for sales orders and jobs.

Do you…

  • Store mixed inventory items on single pallets?
  • Stage raw materials from inventory for manufacturing?
  • Create kits for production?
  • Receive finished goods onto pallets?

If so, riteSCAN Pallet Tracking might be right for you. 


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