Whether you use the term labor or labour, you know time is money

Your goal?   

Efficient manufacturing, faster data collection with improved job tracking, and better visibility into your business.  As labor costs continue to rise and customer expectations for shorter lead times grow, you don’t have time to waste.  Managing time and resources is more important than ever before.  Time really is money.  To compete in today’s global market, you need an efficient team and greater visibility into what is really happening on your shop floor.  Yet, how will you know if your team is operating at peak performance?  What jobs and tasks are they working on? You’ve already established job standards, but are they still accurate?  More importantly, what is your true efficiency rate?

The solution

Get visibility. Drive accountability. Recognize performance. Streamline and automate the capture of manufacturing job and labor data, plus time clock punches, in one system in real time right from your shop floor with riteTIME®.  This easy-to-use system collects time for everything from time clock punches to labor hours, quantity produced, and scrap for work orders or jobs and tracks it all—in one simple system. Better yet, it gives you instant visibility into your business with supervisor dashboards.

Why riteTIME

riteTIME—designed with your goals in mind—saves time and gives you instant insight into your business.  It uses smart functions to accurately and efficiently track labor data in real time without the hassles of paper time sheets and data entry errors.  Better yet, riteTIME helps your team work smarter and prevents errors with easy access to job travelers, schematics, and more.  Not only that, but you can monitor performance with real-time information at your fingertips via dashboards or reports and support piece-rate pay programs.

Capture labor and job data in real time

Simply “had it” with inefficient, error-prone paper processes, time sheets, and job logs?  Capture your labor and job data efficiently and accurately in real time. With riteTIME, you can:

  • Quickly clock in to the system by scanning a badge or barcode, using a touch screen, or keyboard
  • Capture employee time clock punches—in/out for the day and breaks
  • Easily approve employee time cards and fix errors
  • Record employee time, quantity produced, and scrap for jobs or tasks
  • Track time the way you need it—by employee, department, work center, and machine
  • Collect indirect time—for meetings, training, maintenance, and more

Best of all, riteTIME captures the data where it occurs—on your shop floor—and shares it with your ERP or payroll system to reduce redundant data entry, prevent errors, and eliminate time lags.

Helps operators know what to do next

Tired of costly mistakes and delays?  riteTIME can help your team work more effectively with fewer errors.  riteTIME lets you:

  • View job traveler information, schematics, or specific customer instructions for easy reference to help prevent errors
  • Check a job’s status
  • Easily determine what’s next in the process
  • Verify what should be produced—or has been produced—to prevent overruns
  • View structures and routings to pass a task or job to the next work center
  • Record production issues and alert the team
  • Quickly share hand-off notes for the next shift
  • Assign workers to specific jobs or tasks—and prevent them from clocking in to the wrong one

Fast time card reviews

Time cards slowing you down?  Review and approve time cards fast.  riteTIME makes it easy to spot time card errors and fix them before they get sent to your payroll or ERP system.

Supervisor dashboards and built-in reports for instant insight

What’s really happening on your shop floor?  You need information to make smart business decisions, but you don’t have time to wait for days or weeks to get it.  You need to see the big picture and the details.  Now you can.  riteTIME includes standard and custom report options, plus supervisor dashboards that allow you to:

  • Quickly see who is clocked in or out, the hours worked, and more
  • Monitor employee performance—compare hours worked on jobs to hours clocked in, quantity produced, etc.
  • Find out which jobs are being worked on
  • Examine your efficiency rates—by job, employee, and more
  • Analyze performance by job—compare actual hours worked, quantity produced, and scrap against your standards

Quick start for rapid time capture

Want to capture labor and job data, but worried about the time?  You don’t have to sacrifice efficiency to capture your labor and job data.  With the riteTIME quick start feature and simple set up options, you can mirror your operational processes and capture time fast with minimal effort and training.  riteTIME is so easy to use, that your workers can be trained in under 30 minutes.

Seamless integration to ADP and other systems

riteTIME can seamlessly integrate to time and attendance and payroll systems like ADP, as well as ERP systems.  Learn more.

The bottom line

riteTIME can help eliminate manual labor data collection processes, reduce redundant data entry, improve accuracy, and give you better data for more accurate job costing. The result? Faster decisions, greater efficiency, and a sharper competitive edge.

Ready to learn more about riteTIME?