riteSCAN Enhancements

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35 reasons to upgrade to the latest version of riteSCAN®

riteSCAN WMS works on your android device

Android UI

  • Microsoft® ends support of Windows Embedded Handheld & CE devices at the end of 2019. Don’t leave yourself open to future security issues or lost efficiency. Migrate to the Android version of riteSCAN for free and get access to additional enhancements:
  • Get streamlined workflows and improved displays for bin and inventory queries.
  • Use the new Packing Module.
  • Auto log out users via the Login Screen settings.
  • Customize the Sales Order Line details display.


  • Get more reporting capabilities!
  • Run reports on high level transaction data such as number of transactions
    by type and operator plus capture work center.
  • Run reports on start and stop times by sales order picks and user.
  • Search, filter, sort, and group items in the reporting grids.

Order Picking

  • Get access to improved order picking workflows.
  • Pick multiple Serial Numbers in one pick in the new Order Picking moduleFilter the pick list by ship date in.
  • Order Picking and generate Dispatch Note.
  • Sort Custom Form Fields in the Order Picking line item grid.
  • Save data to Custom Form Fields in Order Picking.
  • See which riteSCAN operator picked each sales order line in SYSPRO.
  • Select from alternate units of measure when picking sales order lines in
    Order Picking.
  • Validate Bins, Lots, and Serials at the time of picking (rather than post) with
    the Order Picking module.
  • Do two-stage order picking validation with the new Packing Module.

Pallet Staging & Tracking

riteSCAN users who purchased the Pallet Tracking Module can now:

  • Use the Pallet Staging Module in the Android version of riteSCAN.
  • Stage a pallet with stock from multiple bins using the Pallet Tracking module.
  • Set up the label types in Pallet Tracking printing to choose between “Pallet Summary” or “Pallet Item” printing features.
  • View prompts for pallet data to be entered when “require pallet tracking” is enabled in the relevant modules.
  • Capture more transactional data in the Pallet Tracking Database for reporting: Job Reference, GIT Reference, Purchase Order Numbers, and Sales Order Numbers.
  • Use pallet tracking functionality in the WIP Receipt from Inspection, Receipt from Inspection, and Quantity Adjustment modules.
  • Lock pallets so that items may not be removed from or added to a pallet.

Lots & Serials

  • Use riteSCAN Auto Lot Generation on a per module basis.
  • Validate Serial Numbers when picking in Generate Dispatch.


  • Reprint recently printed labels through the Options/History menu.
  • Print the Lot Expiry Date from the Ad Hoc Printing Module.

Miscellaneous Administration

  • riteSCAN is now compatible with SYSPRO 8.
  • Download the installer file directly from your hand-held device.
  • Set up screen customization within the riteSCAN Administration module.
  • Configure the WCF Service in the Administration System Setup.

Time Tracking (Labor Track—a new add-on module for riteSCAN)

  • Acquire simple time tracking with the new Labor Track Module that is integrated into riteSCAN—available for an additional fee. It allows users to do timeclock and job punches to track labor and limited production data by job, task, and employee as work happens. (This module requires E.Net business objects WIPQRY, WIPTLP, COMFND, and COMFCH.)
  • Plus, you can now perform Job Issues, Kit issues, and Job Receipts from Labor Track by right clicking the active Job.

Need even more advanced time tracking functionality?