riteSCAN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We want to get up and running fast. How long does it take to implement riteSCAN?

riteSCAN is simple to use and simple to implement. As a plug ’n play warehouse management solution, riteSCAN can typically be implemented within 6 to 8 weeks depending on the number of modules and processes you choose to implement.

How is riteSCAN priced?

riteSCAN is a first step to warehouse automation without the complexity and price tag of a full WMS solution. riteSCAN is available in a variety of packages that are priced based on an initial license fee, number of users, and an annual maintenance fee or as a monthly subscription fee.

We’re not technology experts. What type of training or implementation services are available to help us get started using riteSCAN?

riteSOFT offers both on-line or on-site installation, training, and support services. riteSCAN is so simple to implement, that many customers purchase the on-line option.

What type of hardware devices are recommended for riteSCAN?

riteSCAN runs in a variety of Windows and Android environments—including computer workstations, tablets, touch screens, and hand-held mobile devices that meet our system requirements. riteSCAN is certified for compatibility with Zebra MC3300, MC9300, TC52, and TC8000 hand-held devices. If you have other hand-held devices, they may be compatible but not yet certified. Contact us for more information.

To see our system and hardware requirements, click here.

We’re planning to update to a newer version of SYSPRO. What version(s) of SYSPRO does riteSCAN work with?

riteSCAN is compatible with SYSPRO version 6.0 Issue 10, 6.1, 7.0 and 8.0.

Does riteSCAN work with other ERPs?

Currently, riteSCAN works exclusively with the SYSPRO ERP system.

Our current system has data syncing issues. How does riteSCAN work with SYSPRO to update inventory in real time and maintain data integrity?

riteSCAN captures everything from inventory transfers and queries to purchase order receipts, sales order picking, issuing materials to jobs, and pallet tracking—and updates it in SYSPRO in real time using embedded SYSPRO e.Net business objects to ensure tight, seamless integration and ongoing system compatibility.  Since riteSCAN leverages the SYSPRO business objects, the logic, rules, and permissions you set up in SYSPRO get carried over into riteSCAN for consistency—and SYSPRO remains the system of record.

When do customers typically see a return on investment with riteSCAN?

riteSCAN customers typically get payback for riteSCAN within 12 – 18 months.

What types of barcodes does riteSCAN work with?

riteSCAN can work with 1D and 2D barcodes leveraging our Smart Scan functionality.

Do I need to have WIFI within my warehouse to run riteSCAN?

Typically, customers set up WIFI access points throughout their warehouse to run riteSCAN.

We need to label our inventory on the fly. Does riteSCAN print barcode labels?

Yes. riteSCAN works in conjunction with label printing software including Bartender and Nice Label and label printers to automate label printing.

We need to improve our Lot tracking. How does riteSCAN help facilitate Lot Traceability today?

riteSCAN captures the Lot number through barcoding which makes the process faster and more accurate. riteSCAN validates that the right Lot number is issued to a job or picked for a sales order. When it comes time for your workers to pick the order, riteSCAN will validate the Lot number picked against what was assigned in the sales order. riteSCAN will not allow the worker to pick the incorrect Lot number.