riteSCAN Webinars and Training Videos

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Learn at your own pace

We offer a number of webinars and training videos to see what’s new, plus help you and your team learn how to use riteSCAN at your own pace. Have more questions? Contact us for more information.

riteSCAN Upgrade Video

Watch this video to learn how to download riteSCAN from the Support Portal as well as how to install and upgrade riteSCAN.

Benefits of Going Paperless Webinar

Thinking of going paperless, but wondering if it will be right for your business? This webinar highlights three key money saving benefits of transitioning your warehouse to a handheld system. Additionally, walk through riteSCAN and how the product can be best utilized for your business.

Stock Take and Cycle Counts

Are you curious how riteSCAN can help you optimize stock take or cycle counts? Do you want to learn how to best barcode your warehouse? Our webinar will walk you through three ways to optimize your stock take or cycle count and will provide further barcoding insights for your manufacturing team.

Android Migration. Why now?

Are you ready for Android? Microsoft is sunsetting Windows Embedded Handheld & CE devices in 2019. Watch the webinar to learn why and uncover the benefits of Android.

riteSCAN Reports & riteTIME Online

Interested in the riteSCAN and riteTIME sneak peeks and what’s on the road map to come? Watch this webinar to learn about riteSCAN’s new reporting functionality. Plus, get to know the online version of riteTIME.

riteSCAN for Android Webinar

riteSCAN is now compatible with Android devices. Thinking about upgrading to Android?  With the pending sunset of Windows® Mobile, software users are migrating to Android devices to take advantage of greater scanning efficiency at more cost-effective prices. The latest version of riteSCAN is now compatible with Android devices.  This new version for Android provides the features that riteSCAN users know and love, plus makes using riteSCAN even easier!

Pallet Staging Webinar

One of the most common causes of manufacturing inefficiency is material flow. With the latest enhancements to the riteSCAN Pallet Tracking Module, you can now stage materials for production faster than ever. (Also includes an update on the new custom form field options, and a sneak peek at the riteSCAN Android UI coming soon!  Watch the webinar to learn more.

Stock Take Webinar

Do stock takes and outdated hardware devices give you a headache? Be a stock take hero. Learn how to improve your annual physical inventories and cycle counts with riteSCAN, plus learn about the latest hardware trends and their impact on scanning efficiency.

Lot Traceability Webinar

Lot traceability continues to make headlines as manufacturers face product recalls due to quality issues and foodborne illnesses. Accurate and efficient lot traceability is critical. You can make simple changes to capture lot numbers on the warehouse floor through quick barcode scans and update SYSPRO in real time with riteSCAN. Watch the webinar to learn more.

Sales Order Picking Webinar

Streamline sales order picking with the new sales order picking enhancements in riteSCAN. Watch the webinar to learn more.

Inventory Module Demo

View real-time inventory data right from your hand-held device!  Simply scan a stock code.  Inventory Query displays the warehouse and bin quantity—on hand, allocated, available, and more.

Warehouse Transfer Function

Is your inventory constantly on the move?  No problem.  With riteSCAN, you can instantly update SYSPRO with your inventory movements as they happen.  Simply scan in the stock code, source, destination warehouse, and quantity, and then click post!

Pallet Tracking/Management Module Demo

Rapidly group, manage, and move mixed inventory items or materials on a single pallet level—even those you can’t in SYSPRO today. riteSCAN pallet tracking allows for the creation of a single ID that can then be used to identify multiple items on a single pallet. Join Marc Seymour of TRG as he takes a deeper dive into what pallet management can do for you.

Backflush Function

If backflushing is part of your process, riteSCAN has you covered.  With the backflush function, you can—in one simple process—issue materials from inventory, apply standard labor costs, and receive the finished goods back into stock in real-time right from your hand-held device.

Bin Transfer Function

Does your warehouse use bins?  Like warehouse transfers, you can process inventory movements between bins in a snap with a quick barcode scan!

Dispatch Notes Function

This function lets you pick against an existing Dispatch Note. riteSCAN counts the inventory against an existing Dispatch Note as you pick it. You have the option to count the items one at a time—like a supermarket scanner—or you can pick the full quantity requiring only one scan per line. Each item is validated against the Dispatch Note to avoid costly shipping mistakes.

Expense Issue Function

Issue stock items from inventory for miscellaneous purposes in real time with the Expense Issue function in riteSCAN. The quantity entered is immediately subtracted from the quantity on hand and costed at the current inventory cost.

Goods in Transit IN/OUT Function

With the Goods-in-Transit IN function, you can receive a goods-in-transit order at the destination warehouse. Scan the GIT reference number and scan or select the stock code to be received.  Post the quantity immediately into inventory in the receiving warehouse.  Using the Goods-in-Transit OUT function, you can create goods-in-transit transfer orders from the warehouse floor.  Scan the origin and destination warehouses, the stock code, and quantity. Additional items with the same originating and receiving warehouse will be added to a GIT transfer.

Purchase Order Module Demo

Learn how to use riteSCAN to manage your purchase orders from our partner Marc Seymour at TRG! Easily search existing purchase orders, create new ones, and get up to date and accurate information on shop quantities, items by bin location, and more.

Job Issue Function

Issue raw materials or components to jobs in real time.  Scan the job number to retrieve a list of allocations. Scan the stock code and the quantity issued as you pick items.  As components are issued, the inventory quantity on hand is automatically reduced and the WIP value for the job is increased.  Better yet, you can make substitutions by adding or deleting allocations “on-the-fly.”

Job Receipt Function

Receive finished goods into inventory from your jobs with a quick scan of the job number.  With riteSCAN, you can review job details quickly before receiving a job—either in full or as a partial receipt.  Easily capture manufactured quantity, serial number, bin location, lot number, concession number, and more at the point of job completion.

Kit Issue Function

Need to issue raw materials or items in kits? No worries.  With riteSCAN, you can issue all raw materials and standard labor to jobs in a single transaction in real time.  Just scan the job number to retrieve the list of material allocations.  Edit the kit quantity to calculate the required amount of raw materials and include the standard labor if you desire.  Review the material allocations, adjust individual quantities as required, and hit post.  Concerned about lot traceability?  No problem.  With riteSCAN, you can capture lot and serial information for components.

Labor Data Collection Module Demo

Take a look at the riteSCAN Labor Post module with our partner, Marc Seymour of TRG. You can post actual labor to jobs, plus the quantity completed and scrap, directly to SYSPRO—all from a mobile device.

Miscellaneous Receipt Function

Receive inventory anytime, anywhere without a PO.  Just scan the stock code and warehouse.  Then, click post to add the new quantity immediately into inventory.

Quantity Adjustment Function

Make quantity adjustments with full traceability—right from the warehouse floor with riteSCAN!  Simply scan the stock code’s barcode and enter the adjustment quantity.

Sales Order Module Demo

Learn how to use riteSCAN to automate your sales order picking from our partner Marc Seymour at TRG!  Simply scan the sales order number to retrieve all S/O lines.  The stock code and quantity are validated against the sales order ensuring accuracy and avoiding costly shipping mistakes.  With a quick click, the order status is automatically updated in SYSPRO for instant visibility to your customer service representatives.

Smart Scan & Label Printing Function

Now you can automatically populate multiple data fields with a single, smart scan.  Simply define your barcode format in the riteSCAN administration tool to match the format you’re already using or create your own format.  The barcodes can be 2D or 1D barcodes—whatever your scanning equipment is capable of decoding.  Best of all, you have complete control over where Smart Scan is used. Use it for warehouse transfers, PO receipts, job issues, and more.  You decide.  And, you can print labels directly from your hand-held device with riteSCAN and label printing software such as Bar Tender™.

Stock Take Function

Having inventory nightmares?  Rest easy.  With the riteSCAN Stock Take function, you can go from nightmares to sweet dreams.  Automate your stock takes—it’s fast, easy, and accurate!

WIP Locator Function

Having trouble keeping track of in-process materials that are temporarily stored off of the manufacturing line? With the riteSCAN WIP locator function, you can quickly record the location of partially completed items.  When it’s time for the next manufacturing stage, you’ll find them in a snap!

Manufacturing Module Demo

riteSCAN’s manufacturing module provides a number of features including job receipts, WIP locator, kit issuing materials to jobs, and more—using your mobile device or touch screen tablet.