Need to track time, monitor performance and improve job visibility?

riteTIME has you covered. Our smart, simple, and seamless time tracking solution gives you the visibility you need to increase productivity and manage your manufacturing output in real time from your mobile device.  Track time clock and job punches as work happens on the shop floor or off-site in one simple system. Plus, you can easily set up riteTIME to screen employees for COVID-19. Better yet, employees can use their own mobile device to prevent cross-contamination and keep employees safe.  Get started today with a 14-day free trial! No credit card needed!

A Time Tracking Solution for Manufacturing That Works

Clock in & out fast on-site or off-site

Simple time clock functionality to quickly clock in and out for the day and breaks. Start and stop jobs in a snap on your shop floor or at another location!

Track labor, screen workers & more, and now schedule your jobs

riteTIME works on individual mobile devices. This helps keep employees safe and prevent cross-contamination during the pandemic. Plus, simple job scheduling is now available.

Team members now working remotely?

Get a simple system to track time, increase visibility, and drive accountability for your employees who are now working from home.

riteTIME tasks screen to show what work has been done by an employee in a day

Get integrated

Save time and reduce duplicate data entry. Integrate seamlessly to your payroll and ERP systems.

Purchase riteTIME with simple subscription pricing

Base Fee: $150 per month, plus $5/user/month

Get visibility & monitor performance

Monitor your jobs and compare employee performance wherever they are to drive accountability. Get real-time WIP visibility with supervisor dashboards, reports, and geo-tracking to see what’s really happening where ever you or your employees are with riteTIME.

Have a riteTIME Question?

Q. We want to get up and running quickly. How long does it take to implement riteTIME?

A. Since TIME is a simple—yet configurable—time tracking and shop floor data collection solution, it can typically be implemented within 8 weeks depending on the complexity of your ERP integration.

Q. Can I use riteTIME to capture time and attendance data and get rid of our old time clocks?

A. Yes. riteTIME allows you to capture timeclock punches, break punches, and overtime—in addition to shop floor production data—in real time. riteTIME also gives you the flexibility to schedule and assign breaks for set times during the day.

Q. We would like to offer a piece rate pay bonus program. Can riteTIME help us with that?

riteTIME can collect the amount of good quantity and scrap produced by Job and task at the department and employee level. riteTIME gives you the ability to run reports against this information and export the data to another program to perform the bonus pay calculations.

Q. How is riteTIME priced?

A. riteTIME is sold as a monthly subscription fee based on the number of users you have. Integration services for your payroll and ERP systems are available for an additional fee.

Q. Do customers implement riteTIME on their own? If we are not comfortable doing so, what type of training or implementation services are available for riteTIME?

A. riteTIME is simple to implement, especially with our new on-boarding help and documentation which make it possible for you to self-implement during a free trial. Many customers purchase our on-line installation, training, and support services. We also offer on-site implementation services as well.

Q. Our team moves around the shop floor and installs products off-site. Can we run riteTIME on a mobile phone or other mobile device?

A. With riteTIME you get device freedom. riteTIME runs in a variety of environments—including computer workstations, tablets, touch screens, and hand-held mobile devices.  Since riteTIME is a Cloud solution, all you need to run it is a device that uses one of the following browsers: Chrome (preferred), Firefox, MS Edge, or Safari.  

Optimize Performance with riteTIME

Know your business and maximize output without wasting time. Our manufacturing solution will give you the insights you need to better your business.