Time Tracking for Manufacturers and More

Need to track time, monitor performance and improve job visibility?

riteTIME has you covered. Our smart, simple, and seamless time tracking solution gives you the visibility you need to increase productivity and manage your manufacturing output in real time from kiosks, mobile devices, and more. Track time clock and job punches as work happens—on the shop floor or off-site—in one simple system. Plus, you can easily schedule employees to Job tasks.

Need to clock in & out fast?

Simple time clock functionality to quickly clock in and out for the day. Start and stop jobs on your shop floor or at another location!

Want to automate your travelers & time tracking on jobs?

Skip the clipboard & paper time sheets. Go paperless. Track labor, jobs, and tasks, plus production data—such as scrap & good quantity—in one smart, simple system. Use kiosks, mobile devices and more.

Need more Time Tracking Accuracy?

Ensure employees are where they should be when they clock in, go on break, and change jobs with our geotracking feature. Not for you? Geotracking must be activated to function and is only enabled when performing the punch and using the system.

Need to review & Approve Time Cards Quickly?

Are time card approvals overwhelming because of inefficient processes? Accelerate your time card approval process. Review, edit, and approve time cards—quickly—before the data is sent to payroll.

Want more visibility to monitor performance?

Can’t see what’s really happening without walking the shop floor? Monitor your jobs and compare employee performance. Get real-time WIP visibility with supervisor dashboards and reports to see what’s really happening wherever you are with riteTIME.

need to get integrated?

Save time and reduce duplicate data entry. Integrate seamlessly to your payroll and ERP systems. Learn more about our payroll and ERP integrations.

Get simple time tracking that matches the way shop floor operators and supervisors actually work

riteTIME has device flexibility so you can track time on any device with a browser

Simple Screens

Simple screens to track direct and indirect time on Jobs and tasks by employee, department, work center, machine, and more.

riteTIME has simple screens to track time

Work Smarter

View job travelers, schematics, or instructions to help you work smarter. riteTIME provides visibility to how time is being used.

Supervisors will have visibility to know how team members' time is being used

Instant Visibility

Get instant WIP visibility and monitor performance in real time to see where the issues are before they become big problems.

Supervisors can monitor performance and get instant WIP visibility

Monitor Performance

Compare employee performance and identify problem areas to improve efficiency and utilization rates. Track piece rate productivity by employees for bonus pay.

Supervisors can monitor and compare employees' performances

Easy Implementation & Maintenance

Tired of maintaining custom or outdated systems? riteTIME is a simple cloud solution that allows customers to get up and running quickly.

riteTIME has a quick and easy implementation process so you can start tracking time right away

Convenient Support

With a diverse knowledge base, a worldwide network of partners, and direct support via portal, phone, and email, you can count on answers wherever you are.

Reach out to our riteSOFT Support Team via portal, email, or phone

Get started with riteTIME time tracking today!

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See how simple it is to track time with riteTIME

Simple Sign In on Any Device
Clock in for the day and for breaks—quickly—via badge, barcode, touch screen, or keyboard.
Supervisor Dashboards
Simple dashboards you can create yourself to make managing performance easier than ever.
Compare Employee Performance
Get better insight into your employees' productivity and understand where they spend their time.
From Paper to Electronic
Help your team go paperless. Use electronic travelers and access schematics in real time without the need of that easily-lost paper traveler.
Mobile App
Allow your employees to quickly and easily track time with our new mobile app available for Android and iOS devices.
Transaction Geotracking
See the location of every team member when they are performing transactions within the system.

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Simple Subscription Pricing


+$150/month base fee
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Job & Task Tracking
  • Drag & Drop Job/ Task Scheduling
  • Supervisor Roles & Approvals
  • Transaction Geotracking
  • Employee & Job Reporting
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • ERP & Payroll Integrations (add-on fee)

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