riteSCAN Pallet Tracking Module

A simple barcode solution for SYSPRO that lets you license plate and track your pallets

Rapidly group, manage, and move mixed inventory items or materials on a single pallet—even items that you can’t group in SYSPRO today—and transfer them to another warehouse or to your shop floor in a single scan. Receive purchase orders or finished goods onto pallets and add them to inventory. Plus, store mixed inventory items on single pallets.

What can Pallet Tracking do for your business?

Pick Pallet
Order Staging Small
Tracking Locations Small

Manage Pallets

Pick pallets to stage for an order. Plus, create license plates and manage pallets on the fly.

Stage Materials

Pull raw materials, mixed stock codes, and kit components from inventory and stage them on a pallet.

Track Locations

Quickly find and accurately track pallets of mixed materials issued to a Job.

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