riteSOFT attends SYSPRO’s PartnerUP Sales Event to Showcase the new riteSCAN 8



riteSOFT CEO, Bruce Hagbergand Sales and Implementation Specialist, Garrett Lenzen, recently attended SYSPRO’s 2021 PartnerUP sales event to highlight the new riteSCAN 8 to SYSPRO partners The event was held at SYSPRO’s new state-of-the-art USA headquarters in Tustin, CaliforniaThe event not only portrayed positive energy anour enhanced collaborative teamwork, but SYSPRO also revealed some exciting changes taking place soon involving their global ISV (Independent Software Vendor) program.

SYSPRO’s New “Say Yes to Next” Rebrand

At the event, SYSPRO announced a visual identity and market position rebrand geared toward its commitment to pursue a digital future for global manufacturers and distributors. This rebrand is a “pledge of commitment” to customers and partners—like riteSOFT—to drive innovation. As the industry continues to deal with supply chain disruptions and labor shortages fueled by COVID 19, SYSPRO and riteSOFT are committed to helping the industry remain resilient.

riteSOFT is committed to “Say Yes to Next” with riteSCAN 8

At the PartnerUP Sales Event, riteSOFT revealed the company’s commitment to innovation with its next generation software, riteSCAN 8. This new mobile warehouse software—built specifically for the SYSPRO ERP system—is a first step to warehouse automation without the complexity and price tag of a full WMS solution. riteSCAN 8’s new web-based product design gives users access to streamlined workflows and new functionality—plus seamless, real-time SYSPRO integration and reliability.

riteSCAN can run on any device with a browser

Business Problems Drive Change

riteSOFT is dedicated to driving ongoing development that meets the changing business needs of its nearly 3,000 end user base in 12 countries. During the PartnerUP event, SYSPRO team members and partners learned how riteSCAN 8 can help solve business problems within the warehouse, operations, and manufacturing departments in a smart, yet simple manner. riteSCAN 8 not only helps warehouse managers improve inventory accuracy, but streamlines manufacturing processes and increases inventory visibility across the operation. This stops the inventory runaround and gets warehouse, manufacturing, and operations teams on the same page to deliver competitive products on time.

A Successful PartnerUP Sales Event

riteSOFT is looking forward to delivering riteSCAN 8 to the market and extending its 15-plus year relationship with SYSPRO. Our commitment to collaborative innovation to drive operational efficiency for manufacturers and distributors has never been stronger. Thank you to SYSPRO for hosting a successful PartnerUP Sales Event and to all the partners for their attendance. 

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