Introducing the NEW riteSCAN

The NEW riteSCAN

Running an efficient warehouse is no easy job. That’s why we created the allnew riteSCAN 8. Need improved efficiency in your warehouse? Lack visibility? Want increased speed and accuracy? We’ve got you covered! With improved capabilities, riteSCAN 8 is a simple mobile warehouse solution built specifically for the SYSPRO ERP system. riteSCAN is a true plug and play system that only takes a few hours to download and start using. Better yet, it only costs 25% of a full WMS solution. Drive efficiency with streamlined workflows and seamless real-time SYSPRO integration.

Check out the video to see riteSCAN 8 in action

Introducing the NEW riteSCAN 8
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Year in Review: riteSOFT’s Favorite Moments of 2021


Happy Holidays from our team to yours! 

It’s safe to say that 2021 left us with some memorable moments: some good, some bad, and some we’d prefer to just forget. Despite the challenging hurdles of the year, we are proud to say that we have maintained our collaborative culture at riteSOFT. We’re constantly brainstorming creative ways to maintain social interactions through online meetings and virtual social events. Our Monday morning team meetings not only spark insightful conversations but allow us to have a bit of fun with clever team-building games.  

In honor of these memorable moments of 2021we’re sharing our five favorites. We hope you enjoy and learn from them! 

riteSOFT Team

5. We Participated in our 6th Annual Ditch Cleanup 

The riteSOFT team participated in the annual ditch cleanup through the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Adopt a Highway program. Since 2015, we have adopted a two-mile strip of Highway 23 in Waite Park, Minnesota. To increase the fun, we competed on who could find the most unusual piece of trash. Several masks, bottles, and cigarette packs were collected; however, the most unusual item was a 1934 $5.00 Silver Certificate. Collectively, 14 riteSOFT employees picked up 62 bags of trash from the roadway ditches during a 3-hour period. Team building through ditch cleanup? You heard that right! 

riteSOFT team at ditch cleanup

4. New Faces on Board

riteSOFT welcomed three new team members this year! Our development team was excited to welcome two new software developers, Nate Esplan and Andy Rothstein. Additionally, we hired a Digital Marketing Specialist on our marketing team, Maree Smith. We are thrilled to have them join our growing, collaborative team! 

3. We Attended SYSPRO’s PartnerUP Sales Event 

riteSOFT attended SYSPRO’s 2021 PartnerUP sales event to highlight the development of the next generation of riteSCAN to SYSPRO partners. The event was held at SYSPRO’s new state-of-the-art USA headquarters in Tustin, California. The event not only portrayed positive energy and our enhanced collaborative teamwork, but SYSPRO also revealed some exciting changes taking place involving their global ISV (Independent Software Vendor) program. 

SYSPRO Conference

2. We Introduced New and Improved Enhancements to riteTIME

riteSOFT’s time tracking solution, riteTIME, added several new development enhancements including visual scheduling, geo tracking, and an Android mobile app. Visual Scheduling allows supervisors to easily schedule employees to jobs in a user-friendly drag-and-drop format. Additionally, supervisors can now see the location of employees when they are performing transactions off-site while using riteTIME’s geo tracking feature. This increased mobility is especially beneficial for companies with employees who work off-site. Stay tuned for the launch of the riteTIME iOS app in 2022! 

Supervisors will have visibility to know how team members' time is being used

1. We are Ready to Launch the New riteSCAN 8 on January 5th  

We’ve been preparing all year and it’s almost here! We’re excited to introduce the all-new riteSCAN 8. With improved capabilities, the new riteSCAN 8 is a simple, plug-and-play mobile warehouse management software built for SYSPRO users. It is a first step to warehouse automation that takes weeks not months to implement and costs 25% of a full WMS solution. riteSCAN 8’s new web-based product design gives users access to streamlined workflows and new functionality—plus seamless, real-time SYSPRO integration and reliability. riteSCAN 8 was made specifically to improve efficiency, gain visibility, and increase speed and accuracy in your warehouse. 

riteSCAN 8 arrives January 5, but the opportunity to experience it through a demo or free trial is available today! 

riteSCAN can run on any device with a browser

There is no doubt that 2021 has been one for the booksWe’d like to sincerely thank our customers and partners for their loyalty and goodwill throughout the year. We wish you the best for a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! 

From Dread to Delight: 3 Stock Take Mistakes to Avoid

From Dread to Delight: 3 Stock Take Mistakes to Avoid

It’s that dreaded time of year again. Your team is already groaning in anticipation of several long, tedious days counting—and trying to find—inventory during your annual stock take. While this task is time consuming and costly, it is critical to help maintain inventory accuracy and prevent stockouts or overstock. 

So, how can you reduce disruption and take the dread out of your stock take this year? Learn from the mistakes of others. Check out three of the most common stock take mistakes and how to prevent them from happening in yourSYSPRO warehouse.

Mistake #1: Lack of Planning 

It’s no secret that proper planning prevents poor performance—particularly for stock takes. Performing a stock take requires the coordination of people, time, and resources. Without a clear plan, you run the risk of a costly, inefficient process that leads to inaccurate results. Here are some planning mistakes we’ve seen our customers make: 

Choosing the wrong staff to perform the stock take 

Customers frequently use additional staff from around the organization to help with their annual stock take. While this allows for more hands-on-deck to help the stock take to be performed quicker, it takes them away from their primary responsibilities. Additionally, they are not always the right people for the job. Often, not having the right experience about inventory items or the warehouse can lead to more mistakes than it’s worth. If your warehouse has a large inventory that takes a considerable amount of time to count, it could be more cost-effective to hire temporary employees, ensuring work gets done as scheduled. Plus, it helps prevent productivity losses and the hidden costs of overtime. 

Some software solutions, like riteSCAN Mobile Warehouse for SYSPRO, offer temporary licenses to help perform the physical count. This allows you to get more people on the floor and shorten the disruption in your organization. So, analyze who to pick for the stock take team based on their knowledge, attention to detail, role in the organization, and their respective wages plus any applicable overtime pay. 

Train your team when performing a stock take in your SYSPRO warehouse

Not taking time to train employees 

Proper employee training—before you start the stock take—is a key step that is frequently skipped due to time constraints. Unfortunately, missing this step slows down the process. Previously, one of our customers didn’t set aside enough time to train the team or walk through some test examples ahead of time. As a result, several of the employees were not familiar enough with the product differences, stock locations, and the units of measure. As a result, it led to numerous miscounted stock codes and quantity discrepancies that needed to be reviewed and fixed by the supervisors.  

Save time and reduce future headaches. Train your employees before you start counting to ensure efficiency and count accuracy. Make sure your training includes the following: 

    1. Key product differences
    2. The proper counting method 
    3. “What to do if” scenarios 
    4. Quick reference guides 
    5. “Go to” person/ people when issues arise 

Carefully pick the date and select the right team members to perform the physical count. Build in sufficient time to train your team. It will really pay off overall. 

Mistake #2: Relying on Paper Processes 

Before automating their warehouses, many of our customers would write counts on paper tickets for their stock takes. Unfortunately, this can lead to errors in two ways. First, it’s easy to write down the wrong stock codes, Lot Number, or transpose numbers. Second, when it comes time to enter the data into SYSPRO, data entry errors often occur due to illegible handwriting or keying mistakes. No matter how meticulous you think the team is, human error cannot be avoided. Additionally, paper processes create a data lag that makes it harder to reconcile inventory counts and identify where the errors occurred after the fact. Our customers often say that chasing down errors is difficult and time consuming. This is often because the person who originally counted a specific stock code has already moved on to another area to count and cannot remember what was originally counted or written down by the time the supervisor enters the data. 

Barcode scans help prevent these issues. An automated warehouse management system, like riteSCAN, validates that the correct stock code is being counted. Plus, you can see the counts in real time as the stock take progresses in SYSPRO. This means that if there is an error with the user of not counting the right location; Stock Code; or Lot number, the system will catch the error at the point when they are performing the count. Automation lets you do more with less people and helps simplify the stock take process, reducing the risk of manual errors. 

See how easy is it to perform your annual stock take with riteSCAN

Mistake #3: Inconsistent or No Labeling 

Proper labeling is a critical step to good inventory management and an efficient stock take. Prior to implementing riteSCAN, many of our customers struggle with labeling products consistently. Having the correct pieces of data barcoded to streamline the scanning process during the stock take is a key factor. For example, sometimes our customers prefer using supplier labels within their inventory rather than labeling their products with their own label. During the stock take process, this causes a multitude of issues later. As users are performing counts on the floorthey do not always know what pieces of data to use for what because each supplier’s label can be different with distinct pieces of data. Our customers must often decipher whether a label is the supplierstock code data or their own stock code data. Having consistent labels and data that is barcoded allows users to quickly know what pieces of data is required. When going from product to product, it also allows users to scan this data into the system with a single scan and on a consistent basis. Not having ALL of your items labeled and barcoded consistently leads to a lot of wasted time. 

The most crucial step you can take to achieve a more accurate inventory and stock take process is to consistently label your warehouse and inventory. If you have not barcode labeled your inventory yet, here are the steps to help you get started: 

  1. Define the data that is required for your labels: The first step in the process is to determine what you want on your labels to accurately identify stock and perform inventory movements or pick orders for customers. (e.g., stock code, stock code description, lot number, quantity, etc.).  Do this right away in order to make the remaining barcoding steps more seamless.  
  2. Create the label format: Next, create standard barcode label formats based on your operational needs. Think about how you want the data organized on the label; the size required; and the type of label needed. The format is typically dependent on what you are labeling such as metal, food, electronics, pallets, bins, etc. 
  3. Develop a standard label process: Now that you’ve decided on your label format, the next step is to develop a standard process of how and when to label your inventory. If you have not labeled your inventory yet, there are several options to consider:  
    • Tie your relabel process with your stock take. 
    • Label existing stock items in batches.
    • Label new items as they are replenished and received into inventory.
  4. Start labeling: Once you have defined a standard process for labeling inventory, define process points within your organization. Know how products are going to be labeled or relabeled in the future. Don’t forget to label locations and bins within your warehouse, especially if you are using multiple bins in SYSPRO.  

A successful stock take in your warehouse 

Running a successful stock take takes time, proper planning, and dedication. If done correctly, your organization could really reap the benefits. So, what could a successful stock take look like in your warehouse? Before implementing riteSCAN, it took one of our customers 3-4 days with approximately 40 employees to complete their annual inventory. After utilizing riteSCAN; incorporating consistent labeling; and using barcode scans, it now takes them 1-2 days with only 6 employees to complete their stock take.  

Sick of stopping operations for an extended period? 

Cycle counting is the end goal for many warehouses. It can be much more efficient to perform inventory checks throughout the year instead of stopping operations for an extended period to count stock annually. Some other benefits of cycle counts are they can be less disruptive to daily operations and less time-consuming. Additionally, errors are more easily discovered with less time between checks.  

A few simple process changes can take the dread out of your next stock take or cycle count. Watch the video to see how easy it is to perform your next stock take with riteSCAN and SYSPRO.   

Want to use riteSCAN for your next SYSPRO warehouse stock take? Schedule a demo here.

riteSOFT attends SYSPRO’s PartnerUP Sales Event to Showcase the new riteSCAN 8

riteSOFT attends SYSPRO’s PartnerUP Sales Event to Showcase riteSCAN 8

riteSOFT CEO, Bruce Hagbergand Sales and Implementation Specialist, Garrett Lenzen, recently attended SYSPRO’s 2021 PartnerUP sales event to highlight the new riteSCAN 8 to SYSPRO partners The event was held at SYSPRO’s new state-of-the-art USA headquarters in Tustin, CaliforniaThe event not only portrayed positive energy anour enhanced collaborative teamwork, but SYSPRO also revealed some exciting changes taking place soon involving their global ISV (Independent Software Vendor) program.

SYSPRO Conference

SYSPRO’s New “Say Yes to Next” Rebrand

At the event, SYSPRO announced a visual identity and market position rebrand geared toward its commitment to pursue a digital future for global manufacturers and distributorsThis rebrand is a “pledge of commitment to customers and partnerslike riteSOFTto drive innovation. As the industry continues to deal with supply chain disruptions and labor shortages fueled by COVID 19SYSPRO and riteSOFT are committed to helping the industry remain resilient 

riteSOFT is committed to “Say Yes to Next” with riteSCAN 8

At the PartnerUP Sales Event, riteSOFT revealed the company’s commitment to innovation with its next generation software, riteSCAN 8. This new mobile warehouse softwarebuilt specifically for the SYSPRO ERP system—is a first step to warehouse automation without the complexity and price tag of a full WMS solution. riteSCAN 8’s new web-based product design gives users access to streamlined workflows and new functionality—plus seamless, real-time SYSPRO integration and reliability.  

riteSCAN can run on any device with a browser

Business Problems Drive Change

riteSOFT is dedicated to driving ongoing development that meets the changing business needs of its nearly 3,000 end user base in 12 countries. During the PartnerUP event, SYSPRO team members and partners learned how riteSCAN 8 can help solve business problems within the warehouse, operations, and manufacturing departments in a smart, yet simple manner riteSCAN 8 not only helps warehouse managers improve inventory accuracybut streamlines manufacturing processes and increases inventory visibility across the operationThis stops the inventory runaround and gets warehouse, manufacturing, and operations teams on the same page to deliver competitive products on time.  

A Successful PartnerUP Sales Event

riteSOFT is looking forward to delivering riteSCAN 8 to the market and extending its 15-plus year relationship with SYSPRO. Our commitment to collaborative innovation to drive operational efficiency for manufacturers and distributors has never been stronger. Thank you to SYSPRO for hosting a successful PartnerUP Sales Event and to all the partners for their attendance. 

Is now the time to migrate to Android devices in your warehouse?

Is now the time to migrate to Android devices in your warehouses?

Guest Blog Post
Finn Madden, Product Content Specialist • eCommerce/Marketing
Emkat, a Barcodes Group company
Android has industry-leading security features for your warehouse

In a digital world, every organization—big or small—is exposed to the threat of cyber attacks. Regardless of size, cyber security is critical for all organizations and goes beyond protecting networks, devices, and data. This includes assessing hand-held scanning devices used in the warehouse that may be running outdated operating systems. Read on to learn why now is the time to migrate to newer Android devices in your warehouse.

Microsoft ends support of the Windows Mobile operating system

Microsoft’s commitment to enterprise mobile computing is waning. As of December 10, 2019, Windows mobile device users are no longer eligible to receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft for free. This means that Windows devices will still work, but those devices running the last official supported version of Windows 10 Mobile won’t receive any more updates or patches from Microsoft. Without updates or patches, the Windows 10 Mobile device’s security will be at risk.

Outdated operating systems increase security risks

Using outdated mobile operating systems creates cyber security vulnerabilities and compliance risks that can have enormous cost and business implications. If your company still uses Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Windows Embedded Handheld devices, you must be aware of the risks in your enterprise mobility strategy: security risks, a lack of new Windows device availability, and most importantly, a lack of future operating system innovation.

Windows applications are not forward compatible. This means if you want to remain with Windows, you’ll have to take on the costly, time-consuming process of reprogramming and migrating applications and databases. With Windows devices posing a serious security risk to organizations of all sizes, migrating to a new platform is necessary to avoid cyber attacks. Given this, the industry is switching to Android.

Why switch to Android devices in your warehouse?

Android incorporates industry-leading security features and works with developers and device implementers to keep the Android platform and ecosystem safe. Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. It offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface along with many development tools supported by a global developer community. This makes the process of migrating to new solutions such as riteSCAN 8 Mobile Warehouse for SYSPRO much more efficient.

Android has been subject to a rigorous security program. It was designed with multilayered security that can adapt to support an open platform while still protecting all its users. Users can have full control over their own privacy and security through visibility into the permissions requested by each App. Designed with the expectation that cyber attacks would occur, Android security both reduces the chance of these attacks and greatly limits the impact of an attack if one were to occur.  

Future proof your technology investment with Android solutions. Android stands out from the crowd as an open, user friendly operating system while still maintaining vital security controls for mobile platforms and mobile warehouse management software like riteSCAN.

Job and employee scheduling got you down?

Job and employee scheduling got you down?​

Job and employee scheduling is no easy feat. It requires strong communication on the production floor, transparency between supervisors and team members, and the ability to pivot when production changes arise. And if that’s not enough, all of this must be done in a timely and efficient manner. If you are a supervisor on the production floor, time sheets, job travelers, and spreadsheets may be part of your daily routine. However, paper time sheets could be hurting your business since more mistakes and errors are likely to occur.  

What if you could have one simple system to tell your team what to work on and track time? Learn more about riteTIME’s latest enhancement, visual scheduling.

riteSOFT “Tees Up” to Support Youth Programs

riteSOFT "Tees Up" to Support Youth Programs

riteSOFT sponsored and participated in the 9th annual Central Minnesota Manufacturing Association (CMMA) Golf Social at the Wapicada Golf Club in Sauk Rapids on June 8, 2021. The proceeds of this event benefit career awareness and youth manufacturing programs in Central Minnesota.  

riteSOFT on hole 7
CMMA President, Les Engel, and riteSOFT’s, David Henkel, on hole 7.

riteSOFT was proud to participate in this event with other local manufacturing businesses. Due to the generosity of participants and sponsors, this golf social was a “hole-in-one” success.  We are excited to say that the CMMA exceeded its goal and raised over $15,000 yesterday. Since its inception, the CMMA has raised more than $130,000 in support of workforce development and career awareness.   

golfing at the CMMA Golf Social
riteSOFT’s, David Henkel and Ryan Wieneke, enjoying the shade!

As golfers teed off on hole 7, they had the opportunity to learn about riteTIME—riteSOFT’s time tracking solution—and participate in a game with a chance to win a prize. This event is a wonderful way for golfers to network and learn more about local manufacturing businesses.  

playing a game on the golf course
riteSOFT’s CEO, Bruce Hagberg, working hard to win a prize!

Thank you to the CMMA, the sponsors, and the golfers who selflessly participated—despite the 93-degree heat. A bad day of golf is better than a good day in the office. This is especially true when it’s for such a good cause!  

Employee Bonding through Garbage?

Employee Bonding Through Garbage?

Yesterday, the riteSOFT team participated in its 6th annual ditch cleanup through the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Adopt a Highway program. Since 2015, we have adopted a two-mile strip of Highway 23 in Waite Park, Minnesota. To increase the fun, we competed on who could find the most unusual piece of trash. Several masks, bottles, and cigarette packs were collected; however, the most unusual item was a 1934 $5.00 Silver Certificate. Collectively, 14 riteSOFT employees picked up 62 bags of trash from the roadway ditches during a 3-hour period. 

riteSOFT team at ditch cleanup in Waite Park, MN
riteSOFT team ready to clean up the ditch on Highway 23.

riteSOFT originally decided to participate in the Adopt a Highway program six years ago as a way to positively impact the environment. Reducing our ecological footprint in the community is important to us. Our actions not only impact us but also future generations. If we can make a difference and do our part, we hope it will inspire others to do the same. 

Minnesota Adopt a Highway ditch cleanup

In addition to the Adopt a Highway program, riteSOFT provides employees with one hour per month of paid volunteer time off at the non-profit organization of their choice. Some of our employees volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota, Friends of the Library, respite foster care, local churches, and food shelves. We are proud to say that our employees donate hundreds of volunteer hours each year.  

While riteSOFT knows that the time and resources spent volunteering in the community are essential, volunteerism also benefits the company. It helps build stronger teams and enhances leadership and problem-solving skills—all of which transcend into the workplace. Team building through ditch clean up? You bet. We picked up trash and became closer as a team. We encourage others to participate in the Adopt a Highway program or other community initiatives to help keep Minnesota beautiful!  

How did Hexagon Mining achieve incredible results through riteTIME?

How did Hexagon Mining achieve incredible results through riteTIME?

Last week, riteSOFT hosted a webinar in partnership with Umbrella Consulting. The webinar, titled “Why Track Time, Now,” discussed the disruption created by COVID-19; why manufacturers are embracing digital time tracking; and six steps to help you select your next time tracking solution. Most importantly, the webinar highlighted why Hexagon Mining, selected riteSOFT’s riteTIME as their new time tracking solution and the results they have achieved so far. 

riteTIME’s newest customer, Hexagon Mining, has 16 locations around the globe. They manufacture collision avoidance safety devices designed to prevent accidents in the mining industry. The first site implemented with riteTIME was in Tucson, AZ and other new sites will follow soon. 

Hexagon Mining’s Pain Points

Hexagon started vetting time tracking systems after they became overwhelmed with the daunting amount of time they spent collecting time and production data using multiple systems. In fact, Hexagon had one full-time employee whose sole job was to compile data from complex, inefficient spreadsheets to generate reports and then input it into their ERP system. This meant their production data was always several days behind, and they had no visibility into what was happening in real time. This affected their ability to quickly analyze the status of their capacity and production output. This also meant that their job standards were frequently outdated. Not only that, but COVID-19 hit, and the production manager needed the ability to work remotely.  

Reasons for choosing a time tracking solution

“One Easy-to-Use Software System”

After vetting over 50 time tracking solutions, Hexagon discovered that riteTIME was the best fit for their needs. Right after implementing, Hexagon began to instantly see time and production data in real-time using one system that was easy for their operators to use regardless of where they were working. The results? By implementing riteTIME, Hexagon was able to eliminate one full-time data entry position and allocate that employee to another higher value role!  

riteTIME time tracking testimony

How are you Tracking Time on Jobs?

During this live webinar, we asked attendees how they are tracking time on jobs. We received a variety of responses. The majority are either using a paper process or have a time tracking solution but are exploring a new one. How are you tracking time? Is it giving your business the best results? Could your business be getting results like Hexagon Mining? Be sure to watch the webinar recording to learn more about Hexagon’s incredible results and how you can select your next time tracking solution. 

How are you tracking time on jobs today poll question

How to Select Your Next Time Tracking Solution

How to Select Your Next Time Tracking Solution?

Want to take your manufacturing operation to the next level? Be more competitive? Streamline your operation? A new time tracking solution may be what you need! Keep reading to learn about the six things to consider when determining what type of time tracking solution is right for you.

Six Steps to Help You Select Your Next Time Tracking Solution

1. Evaluate your processes and identify your pain points

What issues are slowing you down or disrupting your operation? Do you lack job visibility? Are you still tracking time manually or struggling to keep track of paper time sheets? Want to improve employee performance? Now might be the time to upgrade to a more efficient time tracking solution.

ritetime can solve your pain points for easy time tracking

2. Does your business need a diet?

After evaluating your pain points, you might discover that your business needs a “diet” due to the number of time wasters you found.

man working from home with snacks and cat

Here’s a list of common issues that can create big process inefficiencies and negatively impact your bottom line.

  • Duplicate entry of time clock and job punches, production data, and more.
  • Wasted time looking for lost time sheets or reading messy handwriting.
  • Outdated job standards that negatively influence job costing and your ability to compete.
  • A lack of job or employee visibility without walking around your operation.
  • Delayed reporting due to data lags.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information to make smarter business decisions.
  • Paper processes that reduce efficiency.

Taken collectively, all of the above issues can have a dramatic impact on your long-term business success. Read more about determining if your business needs a diet here.

3. Evaluate software options based on your business needs

Think about your pain points and then consider what key features are most important to you. Determine what type of information you want to track; how quickly you want to get started; and think about your budget for the software and mobile devices. You will also need to decide if you want a plug and play solution or a custom solution designed just for you. Evaluate available options against your key buying criteria and prioritize them based on what is a “must have” versus a “nice-to-have.” Use the list below to jump-start your evaluation process.

  1. What information do you need to track as work happens (e.g., Track Labor, Jobs, production data, etc.)?
  2. Are you required to capture time or production data for compliance requirements, specific government contracts, or pending ISO certification?
  3. Do you need real-time visibility of Jobs and employees for improved performance monitoring on-site or off-site?
  4. Do you want supervisor dashboards and reports that you can easily create yourself?
  5. Is ease of use and ongoing maintenance or support important to you? ​
  6. ​What type of devices do you want to use? Do you need mobile capabilities with device flexibility?
  7. How quickly do you want to implement? ​What resources and team members will be needed to successfully implement the software within your organization to meet your timelines?
  8. Do you need a solution that can be self-administered without an expert?​
  9. How important is real-time integration and system compatibility?
  10. What are your budget considerations? (Think about total cost of ownership including: software, hardware, implementation, and support.)

4. Do you require a standard or custom solution?

Another key step in the evaluation process is to determine what type of system you need—a standard, ready-to-use, plug and play software solution or a custom built solution. The advantage to a standard solution is that it is more cost-effective and easier to implement and maintain. On the other hand, custom solutions can be built to your exact needs, but they take longer to implement and are more costly. Standard solutions will typically meet 80% or more of your needs and can often be configured to match your current processes. Do your research. This decision has long-term implications from a maintenance and compatibility perspective.

5. Determine what you want to track with mobile devices

Mobile devices can make time tracking a breeze on-site or off-site. Think about your operation and what you need to track as work happens. Determine what areas of your operation need to track time spent on jobs or tasks or capture production data such as scrap, good quantity, etc. Do you want to:

  • Use touch screen kiosks or tablets to track timeclock punches, job punches, plus work center and production data using the same devices?
  • Scan barcodes or badges to capture job, task, and break punches?
  • Track time for employees working remotely or off-site at a client location?
  • Screen employees for COVID-19?
  • Capture data for job safety audits?
  • Track indirect time such as training, maintenance, and Job setup?

6. Check the features against your key needs

Finally, evaluate the available options based on your most important needs and criteria. Keep in mind what is truly a need versus a want. Some features may be “nice-to-have,” but will they truly be utilized? Will the software be easy for your operators to use on the shop floor? Make sure to consider how easy it is to update the software and your mobile devices on an ongoing basis.

Another important point to consider is integration. Do you need to integrate or share data with another system to eliminate duplicate data entry? If you require integration to another system such as your payroll or ERP system, what are the costs involved? How will the data be exchanged? Is the data exchanged in real time? Additionally, how easy is it to keep your your stationary and mobile devices updated to maintain system compatibility? All of this has an impact on the total cost of ownership which includes the software, hardware, integration, implementation, training, and support costs, as well as future maintenance costs.

Before you make your final purchase decision, find out if you can try out the software before you buy it. This can be a true test of its functionality as well as evaluate the level of support provided by the software vendor.

By following the six steps above, you can pick the right solution that best fits your operation. Time tracking software can help improve efficiency, reduce waste, increase visibility, and help you keep your job standards up-to-date.

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