4 Reasons Why Paper Timesheets are Hurting Your Business

If you have hourly employees, then time sheets are a part of your daily routine. In manufacturing, time tracking is more than just when an employee begins and ends their day, however. Sticking to your paper time cards may seem like the most cost effective method, but keep reading to see why paper time sheets might actually be hurting your business.

4 Reasons Why Paper Timesheets are Hurting Your Business

1. Inaccurate Data

You have likely seen it before. Employees track time throughout the week on specific jobs and tasks. But if you watch closely, you will likely find them entering an average ‘guess’ at the actual amount of time spent on a specific task or writing down approximate start and stop times.

2. Lack of Up-To-Date Information

Do you struggle with maintaining accurate data, managing inventory, and quickly knowing the actual cost of completing a job or task? A lack of up-to-date job costing information is likely to blame—and your paper time sheets might be, too. Without precise labor and production data, you can’t assess the true time and cost to complete a job. This impacts your ability to competitively price your products, which can result in large profit losses over time.

3. More Mistakes and Errors

If you deal with paper timesheets, then you also deal with mistakes, difficult handwriting, and employees forgetting to turn them in. Correcting mistakes and tracking down lost timesheets costs you money and prevents you from working on more important tasks. Maybe it’s time to automate your time tracking. Digital time sheets allow for quick corrections, supervisor overrides, fast approvals and more.

4. Time Spent on Payroll

Digital time sheets help you better track time and monitor employee hours, and they also save you payroll time. Imagine the time that could be saved by eliminating the need to read messy time sheets, manually enter the data, and then submit the data to payroll.

Is your business still using paper timesheets? What could you gain by reducing errors and gaining more accurate time monitoring capability?

Gain Visibility Into Your Business with riteTIME

The Benefits of Using a Time Tracking Solution On Your Shop Floor

Bruce Hagberg, CEO

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what’s really happening on your shop floor? As your business grows and margins become tighter, it can be easy to feel like you don’t have a grasp on what it takes to optimize your shop floor processes. You need to take that next step to grow, but you just aren’t sure what’s holding you back? This is where time tracking can make all the difference.

Utilizing a shop floor data and time tracking solution can allow you to gain valuable insights into your business. Unemployment rates are reaching historic lows across many markets. This means new workers are scarce, and it is more important than ever to utilize your current workforce and ensure you are making every resource count. Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness is the goal, and riteTIME is a tool that can provide just that.

Monitor performance at a glance to see where the issues are before they become big problems

When was the last time you had to walk the shop floor, or when you had an idea of where productivity was at through real time project data? Wouldn’t it be great to have access to that information? Visibility is everything. Think of popular transportation services. They allow you to track where your driver is in REAL time. This means you know how far they are from your current location, when to expect them, and any hiccups that may occur along the way. This is how riteTIME works. Without leaving your desk to conduct a walkthrough, you can gain visibility without wasting time. As you work to scale your business and maximize efficiency, these insights are crucial to understanding your workplace.

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